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Regardless of the profitability or size of a business, most employees and customers expect a business to look appealing inside as well as out. Most business owners spend a good deal of money to make the interior of the building clean, comfortable, and professional looking, but the outside of the business should not be neglected. There are several easy and mostly inexpensive ways to increase a business's curb appeal. Even though some money is spent up front, the updated look can help draw in more customers.


Make sure the grass is mowed and hedged on a regular basis. When the front green part of a building is left unattended for too long, it can make the business look run down. Consider planting annual flowers. These will continue to grow back each year, making the business look appealing with minimal effort. If the business owner does not have a green thumb or the time to maintain the property, most areas have many locally owned and operated landscaping companies. Hiring one of these companies supports other small businesses in the area.


Ensuring that sidewalks and walkways are clean and in good condition is another easy way to make your small business look good. If the sidewalks have potholes or are drastically uneven, contact the city to see if they can fix them. Sweeping the sidewalks and picking up litter and debris is free and easy and gives the business a clean appearance. This can be a great job for an older child to do to earn a little money.


If you have the budget, consider adding fixtures like bollards or yard decor outside of the business. Bollards provide light to help customers feel secure when walking in or out of the building in the dark and also are aesthetically appealing. Don’t feel like you have to go overboard by cluttering your green space with fixtures and decor, but adding a few select items greatly enhances the look of the building.


Ditch the neon, or worse yet, handwritten signs that are often used to advertise the name of the business or tell customers when a business is open or closed. These scream amateur. Investing in a quality crafted sign or letters to display your business name is a must. explanation This is definitely not an error to try to save money in.

Band Together

For a business that is leasing their space and in close proximity to other small businesses, you can accomplish more when you work together. my site Everyone can contribute money to purchase flowers, bollards, fixtures, or hire an outside company to maintain the area outside of the business effectively. When resources are combined, business owners also have more power if they want to persuade the property owner or landlord to invest more money into the outside of the store fronts.

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